Discover healing and freedom through a Biblical approach to the Twelve Steps

The Bridge:
A Biblical Introduction to the Twelve Steps
This 5-Session Video Series will teach you how to 
  • apply the Twelve Steps to your life
  • integrate Biblical faith with recovery
  • lead others into a season of recovery

The Twelve Step model is more than behavior modification; it’s a slow-growth, step-by-step guide to connecting with God’s love and mature in character. Jesus was never about just modifying external behavior; he was after people’s hearts.


The Bridge demonstrates will help church leaders and those suffering from addiction and compulsive behavior how to effectively surrender to the God who loves us and wants us to experience life to the full.

The Bridge includes:

  • 5 video sessions of teaching (Purchase for download, below)

  • Introduction video for leaders

  • Downloadable leaders' guide

  • Downloadable participant workbook with lesson notes, group discussion questions, and individual exercises

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Introduction An overview of a Biblical approach to recovery for leaders.

Session 1 Grace: Step One

Session 2 Hope: Steps Two and Three

Session 3 Community: Steps Four and Five, and the Sponsoring Relationship


Session 4 Renewal: Steps Six, Seven and Eight


Session 5 Forgiveness, Restore, Repeat: Steps Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve