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This 8-Session Video Series will teach you how to 
  • create encouraging friendships
  • establish healthy boundaries
  • understand that you are known and loved.

After spending years struggling to find and become the perfect friend, I discovered this: All of my friends have "issues." But so do I! 


I also realized my closest friends were willing to admit their imperfections, work on their problems, and cover my issues with grace.


Addressing shame, loneliness, envy, and conflict resolution, the All My Friends Have Issues Bible Study will allow you to see the potential in healthy relationships while freeing yourself from unhealthy ones.

Use this study as a companion to my book, or a stand-alone learning experience. All My Friends Have Issues includes:

  • 8 video sessions of teaching

  • Leaders' guide

  • Downloadable participant workbook with lesson notes, 3-day-per week devotionals, and group discussion questions

To purchase the All My Friends Have Issues video sessions 1-8,
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Session 1 If Jesus Loves Me, You Can Too: God’s Remedy for our Loneliness Epidemic


Session 2 Make “New” Friends: The Loving and Lovable Qualities of a New Creation


Session 3 You Can Be Right or You Can Be Friends: Letting Go of Who’s Wrong and Apologizing Anyway


Session 4 Reading the Red Flags: Discerning the Behaviors that Signal Unsafe Friendships


Session 5 Build Me Up, Buttercup: Killing Competition and Cultivating Encouragement


Session 6 Walk Into the Light: The Inextricable Link Between Encouragement and Accountability


Session 7 Let a Righteous Friend Rebuke Me: Accountability with Boundaries and Balance


Session 8 The Friends that Pray Together Stay Together: A Spiritual Foundation for Authentic Intimacy